About Edith



My work revolves around the theme of connections. Connections between people and aspects of daily life. Scaffolding, construction sites, planes and lines, microchips, schematic representations of reality - from my side, the imagination - this fascinates me immensely.

My studio in the Dijkpoort - a medieval gate at the historic city center of Hattem - is a resting point. You will heardly find such thick medieval walls anywhere. They keep the noise out in a very special way. To quote David Lynch, this is where I get my four hours of uninterrupted time. According to him those hours are necessary to really deepen your work - or whatever it is you want to do and learn. This gate is where I feel in the middle of everything, yet completely withdrawn. It's where my imagination runs free.

Making connections, continuing to question and amaze yourself by learning new things, being open to others and thus broadening your world view - that makes my life and work, this 'being' and 'thinking', valuable.

'Everything you are or think, you carry with you.' (Cicero)