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My work revolves around connections and patterns. Mathematical forms, scaffolding, construction sites, microchips and schematic representations of Reality and the Cosmos are starting points for my artworks. Connections are crucial in my Art and Being. I use various media: painting, drawing, cover art, murals, and performances. 

My studio in the Dijkpoort in Hattem is a medieval Tower at the historic Hanseatic city center. I arrived in Hattem after an internship at the Art Academy in Riga Latvia, and a bachelor degree in Fine Arts and Education from Artez Zwolle.


As an Artist & Cultural Heritage Educator I share and open up the Tower as a central meeting point for the community with Socially Engaged and Issues-based Art to let people feel rooted and connected. 

"To be rooted is perhaps the most important and least recognized need of the human soul." -

Simone Weil.

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